About us

A brief overview of Yatton Methodist Church


Our Message

Our message is very clear . . . whoever you are and wherever you are from, you are welcome here.  We are a church family made up of all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds, and together we are learning what it means to be a follower of Jesus in today's world.

So please come along one Sunday and make yourself known. We'd love to see you!

Our Model

This is just a grand way of saying 'how we do things around here'. Sundays are the main gathering times for the church family, and we have three services each week, each with a different style of worship. We also believe that faith can grow and mature within small group settings, where there is more time and space to share with each other in a more personal way. So we have a number of bible study, fellowship and prayer groups that meet at different times and at different frequencies. We also hold regular lunches and coffee mornings, and other social occasions when we can just enjoy being together . . . and all are welcome!


Our Mission

In a nutshell, we don't really have a mission of our own, but we are committed to sharing in God's mission.  We believe that God loves his world and his people, and he has a plan and purpose for us all to discover. His means of reaching out to the world is through the church, so we want to be part of that . . . helping others to see how much God loves us, and what it can mean to commit to a life of following Jesus.

Our Roots

There has been a Methodist presence in Yatton for around 200 years, and we have been worshipping in the current building since the late 1800s. The Methodist movement was begun by John Wesley in the 1700s and his influence was significant both in the Christian church and in society in general. The Wesleyan emphasis on God's grace, acceptance, welcome and social concern was felt far and wide, and Methodist churches are today found all around the world.

At Yatton Methodist Church, those same emphases still influence our priorities as a church. Our roots are part of who we are today, and continue to shape the life of the church as we continue to serve in our community and share the good news of God's love and grace, freely offered to all.


Our Facilities

The building has level access, toilet facilities upstairs and downstairs and a lift to the upstairs rooms for those with disabilities.  A loop system is available in most rooms to assist those with impaired hearing.  A number of rooms are available for rental during the week, and more information is available HERE.