New to Yatton Methodist Church?

You might be wondering what it's like at Yatton Methodist Church?  Put simply, we’re all about growing together as a community of people who want to follow Jesus.  You won't be judged . . . we don’t care how you’re dressed, or whether or not you voted for Brexit.  Our church is made up of ordinary, imperfect people from all kinds of backgrounds.  And no matter what you’ve been through or what questions you might have about God and faith, it's a place where you’ll find the love, grace, and forgiveness Jesus offers to everyone.

If you decide to come along one Sunday, you might find the following helpful.


The Service

We love gathering together on a Sunday!

Refreshments are served from 10.15am between the two morning services.

Our main worship service for all ages is relaxed and informal and starts at 10.45am. The meeting starts with a welcome and then singing some songs of worship that are led by our worship team. All of our words are projected onto a screen, so we tend not to use hymn books.  Following this time of singing there is a brief word with the young people before they leave for their groups.

Around this time there is an opportunity for giving an offering to God. If you are visiting us please do not feel any pressure to give.

After the young people have left, there will be some more singing, and then the speaker for that week will give a message that lasts around 20 minutes. After a time praying for those in difficult situations, we finish the service with a final song.

The whole service lasts between an hour and an hour and a quarter. Afterwards there is plenty of opportunity to chat to others over a cup of tea or coffee.


We believe that children and young people should really enjoy coming to church, and at JAM (ages 5-11) and giG (ages 11+) we make that a priority.  The other thing we make a priority is your children’s safety, and all of our leaders and helpers are DBS checked.

The 9.15am and the 6.30pm services are more traditional with music led on the church organ.


There is a small car park at the front of the church, and you are very welcome to use it if there is a space available.  After the first congregation have left around 10.30am you can park down the centre and block others in - they don't mind!  But if the car park gets full, there is parking available in nearby roads.


Dress Code

There isn't one!  You are just as likely to see jeans as smart trousers, and flip flops and shorts mingle happily with posh frocks on a summers day. Just wear whatever feels comfortable.

Our Facilities

The building has level access, toilet facilities upstairs and downstairs and a lift to the upstairs rooms for those with disabilities.  A loop system is available in most rooms including the worship area to assist those with impaired hearing.